Miriam Castillo
Illustration & Design

Museo del Barrio Interactive Mural


Museo del Barrio Interactive Mural


This mural was a community-based dialogue. The space encouraged activities that promotes creative thinking and expressive art in understanding the culture and community of east Harlem. The murals in this neighborhood aim to strengthen cultural ties and encourage community. Since Museo del Barrio focuses on promoting culture with artistic enthusiasm, I wanted my mural to also create a dialogue between the Museo and the “barrio”.

Interactive experiences for the community: 

COLOR IT!: Mural base with be black and white outlines, with the effect of a "coloring book” on the wall. Children were encouraged to participate and add their own perspective on the wall with their very own hands.  CONNECT: In adult language "connect the dots" illustrated the idea and ability to associate thoughts and find a bigger picture.  A dot-to-dot puzzle created for children to actively participate to a greater artistic effort. It is art and community building.