Miriam Castillo
Illustration & Design




In this ceramic series, I explore  patterns and forms that co-exist in Nature at an universal level. A code that has been eternal and that human observation has translated into geometric formulas to explain our existence and its essence. 

In ancient Greece, Plato used this forms as a symbolic representation for everything that exists at its purest form. Earth, Air, Fire, Water…. and the Fifth Element, the Dodecahedron, which is the Life Force itself. This knowledge was withhold from the general public, only revealed to the initiated, since it was considered sacred and too dangerous to share its power. An exercise about how things relate, function,evolve, change and manifest This work was developed during my stay at Gorila Art Residency / TAC (Tulum Art Club in Tulum, Mexico,  in collaboration with master Ceramist Domingo (Cerámica ByCocom) and his family in Valladolid, February 2016.