Miriam Castillo
Illustration & Design

True Blood Mural

Acknowledging True Bloods final season, HBO wanted to create a live art piece installation during the final celebration of the TV series. 
As a result, "Bloody Party" was created. The event catered to celebrities and the attraction was the interactive mural I was commissioned to execute. The interactive mural was a challenging piece since we had no walls to work on. The venue didn't  allow us  to manipulate the space which resulted in the construction of a fake wall that wouldn't collapse while people painted the mural.

The idea was to give them red paint to create a bloody mess along with their imagination. The result? a disaster full of fun. The piece was made with two separated pieces made of wood. I decided to create them out of CN laser cut wood to be able to work ahead. With little time to work inside the venue. The heads I created represented the main characters of the series, Sookie and Bill. An absolute bloody,messy interesting experience to be part of. #lastcall for images of the event.